Packing For the Weekend

Packing For the Weekend

I love packing! It's an odd task to find enjoyable but I like it because it fills me with anticipation for my long awaited weekend away. The more exciting a trip is, the more thought and time I put into packing for that trip. Picking out my outfits, choosing what makeup I'm going to bring, and if I need to pack any hair tools for that fancy dinner reservation is fun and exciting and gives you an excuse to get all fired up about the days to come. 

While packing can be exciting you want to make sure you organize yourself in a way that will keep your suitcase organized throughout your trip. Because while packing to leave for a trip is fun, rushing to re-pack and come home isn't nearly as enjoyable. Here's what I pack for a weekend away and more importantly how I pack to make sure you can relax for as long as possible. 

The first category on my list is clothing. For a weekend away I usually only need one pair of pajamas. The amount of clothing you need for your day can be a little trickier to determine. This weekend I am going to visit my family in the suburbs for Easter weekend so I packed an outfit for Saturday and an outfit for Easter brunch. Depending on where you are going and what you plan on doing you may want two daytime outfits, an outfit to go out to dinner in, and a swimsuit. If you are unsure of what you want to wear I suggest packing a few pieces that can be mixed and matched to make a number of outfits.

What I have found is the true trick to packing clothes is instead of stacking items one on top of the other, turn them on their side like books so you can see every piece of clothing you packed, and take out your outfit for the day without disturbing your perfectly organized suitcase.  

In the mesh pocket, almost all suitcases have, I put my underwear and socks. This same pocket can be used for dirty laundry when you come back home. Bras are a little trickier to pack. I wore the bra I was going to be using for the weekend. Unless you need a strapless bra I suggest just wearing a nude bra while you travel. If you do need to pack a second bra make sure you don't fold it. Instead, lay it flat inside of your suitcase. When you fold or smash your bra in a tight space your bra wears out much faster than if you would have stored it flat. 

Usually I try to limit myself to packing one pair of shoes, and wearing my second pair. But since I had room in my suitcase, and my outfits required more than two types of shoes I decided to pack a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor's and a pair of black pumps for the next two days.

Accessories can be tricky to pack so I generally avoid them. However, I couldn't resist packing these cat-eye sunglasses. They come with a protective bag which allowed me to toss them in my suitcase without worrying about scratching them. I also brought a pair of simple stud earrings. They come in an earring box which makes them easier to find in my suitcase.

The night before I leave I like to choose all of the toiletries I am going to pack. I break out a gallon sized zip-top bag and put all of my skincare, and shower products inside of it. In the morning I can use all of my products, zip everything up in the bag, and quickly throw it into my suitcase. While I use a number of products for the weekend I like to limit the products I choose to bring. For skincare, I suggest packing one face-wash that removes your makeup well, a moisturizer for the morning and evening (even better if you can double-up), a sunscreen, and possibly a serum. Don't forget your razor (if you shave), deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste! For the shower I leave all of my products at home. If you are going to a friend or family member's house they will most likely have soap, shampoo and conditioner you can use. And if you're going to stay at a hotel they almost always provide enough shampoo, conditioner, and soap for the weekend. 

For makeup I like two options, one is to use a makeup case that has a section for brushes and applicators, and pockets for your makeup. Or you can use two smaller makeup cases, one for brushes and applicators and one for your makeup products. This time around I chose to use two separate cases. Any pallets I packed I threw into my suitcase without putting them in a bag first. Don't do this if you are afraid your pallets aren't well sealed or may break. You don't want your favorite white shirt to be covered in a bright pink blush. When choosing the items you are going to pack, keep it simple. Pack your basics, primer, foundation and concealer.

For eye makeup I suggest bringing an eyelash curler, mascara, eyeliner, and a small eyeshadow pallet that consists of neutrals so you aren't stuck deciding between a bright purple eye and no makeup. Not that I don't love a purple eye, but neutrals are much more versatile.

For brows I packed a tinted brow gel because I have been blessed with full brows. But if you can't live without your brow pencil go ahead and pack that as well. For cheeks I opted to pack my ambient lighting edit because it includes pressed powders, blushes and bronzers.

Just like you did with your toiletry bag I suggest laying your makeup out the night before, using it in the morning and then packing it your makeup bag so you can toss it in your suitcase.

When I travel I prefer to bring a small purse. I hate lugging around big bags unless it's absolutely necessary. This small black cross body goes with everything and fits the necessities. I also like that I don't need to fit a wallet in here because it has pockets for my cash and cards. In here I like to keep a small bottle of Advil for any headaches I get on the road. It's the one medicine that I find myself needing the most so I don't like to leave without it. In my purse I also keep two lipstick colors one neutral color and one bright lipstick like a bright pink or red. After I grab my phone and keys, I throw in a couple of hair ties and bobby pins and I'm on my way!

In the comments let me know what is on your packing list this weekend? How do you keep everything organized? 

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